Food & cold chain

NCL provides clients with comprehensive logistics and supply chain management services for importing food products such as sunflower oil, frozen meat, seafood, fruits, alcoholic and beverages, snacks, dairy products, pet food, etc. This one-stop service integrates compliance consulting, int‘l procurement, supply chain finance, cross-border transport, brokerage and inspection, warehousing, and local distribution. We work collaboratively with Chinese importers to ensure the smooth delivery of high-quality products from overseas. At the same time, we have maintained long-standing relationships with airlines and shipping lines for food and cold chain transport, we are familiar with the operational norms and processes of cold chain transport.

Over the years, we have completed the import of approximately 2000-2500 X 40' frozen containers of beef annually from Brazil, Argentina, and Australia to ports including Tianjin, Shanghai, Ningbo, and Shenzhen. We have facilitated the chartered import of cherries from Chile, around 20 flights charter services each year to Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Wuhan. We have transported ginger, garlic, honey pomelo, lychee, vegetables, and more from China to various countries, including Japan, South Korea, Russia, Europe, and the United States.

Our Services







  • Experts within the cold chain: ultra-cold (-60 ° C), magnum (-35 ° C), frozen (-20 ° C), cold (2 ° to 8 ° C), room temperature (15 ° to 25 ° C).
  • Imports-exports under the specified temperature.
  • 20 ' by 40' Container COLD or DRY with or without insulation.
  • FCL, LCL, Reefer box.
  • Packaging is adaptable for the type of products and the mode of transport, with insulating and thermic properties required for the delivery of products.
  • Insulation Thermic kit for containers and pallets.
  • Bulk transported in disposable pillow bags.
  • Storage maintained within controlled temperature constraints, cold packing.
  • Quality control, respect of hygiene norms and agri-food HS codes.
  • Customs expertise with in-depth knowledge of the food processing industry laws.
  • Use of equipment against temperature fluctuations, humidity and odors: thermal insulation kits? for containers or pallets, disposable bags.