Fashion & Retail

In a market where there are many suppliers, from different sourcing countries, with entirely different finishing locations and selling points, the coordination of your supply chain is a daily challenge! Strategically located in Asia, in the Maghreb (North Africa) and Europe, NCL has been supporting the fashion and textile Industries for over 50 years. NCL's services assure of taking into account things such as the seasonal fluctuations of yours, manufacturing output and compliance and, ultimately, expedite delivery of your products to the various sales channels including e-shops. Whatever the period of the year, NCL will assist you in reaching the optimal solutions for your supply chain requirements including cost.

Our Services







  • Transport on hangers, GOH, wardrobe boxes, parcels, bulk.
  • The consolidation of single or multiple procurements: multi-country, multi-supplier.
  • We respect your specifications and have full knowledge of the requirements relating to the demands of central purchasing agencies.
  • A reliable quality control to ensure your supply chain: supplier factory audits, production monitoring, verification of goods before loading, laboratory tests, obtaining standards.
  • Logistics services: reception, cross-docking, Consolidation / de-consolidation, warehousing, palletizing, container loading.
  • Order picking: piece picking, sorting by reference, multi-reference packages, putting on hangers, labelling, packaging.
  • Re-conditioning your goods: washing, ironing, slipcovering, repairs, and alteration to present items ready for sale at the destination.
  • Sophisticated IT solutions, PO/Vendor Management, to assist you in steering your flow and managing the different people involved in your supply chain. Dashboards for perfect visibility and traceability of your supply chain.
  • AEO certified: offering management of the documentary and regulatory aspects of your shipments. In-depth knowledge of the regulations affecting your products according to the specific country. A personalized approach to optimize your customs clearance solutions.
  • Experts in the e-commerce supply chain. A range of solutions for your e-shop on the domestic market and abroad. Proven experience in the clothing sector.