Health and Cosmetics

On the market, where there are many constraints related to the nature of the product, their risk and danger, fragility or high value, the supply chain management becomes a real challenge. The integrity of the products and the respect of the delays require a strict and reliable management of the transport and logistics flow. Thanks to our experience and understanding of the constraints associated with your product, NCL assures you of the traceability, security and integrity of your goods by working closely with you for ongoing research for your supply chain and cost optimization.

Our Services







  • Multimodal transport and overseas logistics solutions allow you to connect your production sites and your distribution points quickly and effectively.
  • Respecting the cold chain: temperature controlled or reefer shipments.
  • Quality control to ensure your Supply Chain is reliable: factory audits, production, monitoring, verification of goods before loading, laboratory tests, obtaining standards.
  • Personalized logistics services: receiving, cross-docking, consolidation / de-consolidation, warehousing, palletizing, loading containers, packaging, order preparation.
  • AEO certified management of the documentary and regulatory aspects of your shipments. In-depth knowledge of the regulations affecting your products according to country.
  • Provision of tools and monitoring dashboards for full traceability of your shipments.
  • Experts in the e-commerce Supply Chain. A range of solutions for your e-shop on the domestic market and abroad.
  • Proven experiences with major cosmetics brands.