Our air and ocean freight services are recognized by global partners for their reliability, safety, and reasonable prices. We tailor routes to meet customer needs and offer cost-effective solutions in sea and air transportation, as well as international chartering. We actively participate in the market across all transportation modes.

As a leader in globel air freight market, NCL has accumulated years of industry experience and kept long-term partnerships with major China and int'l airlines, ensuring enough capacity to meet our clients' demands.

  • 23 years experience in air freight
  • Close relationship with all airlines
  • Cost-effective solutions and air rate

We have established stable long-term contracts with major shipping lines. Whether it's the off-peak season or peak season in int‘l trade, our long-term partners can get reasonable freight rates and guaranteed space.

  • Multimodal transport services for years experience
  • Space garanteed contract with shipping lines
  • Handling ability for all oversized cargo

Land transport including: China Railway Express and China-Europe truking services.

  • Combines the advantages of int'l air and sea transportation
  • A crucial link connecting Asia and Europe basis on 'One-Belt-One-Road'
  • More economical than air transport and faster than sea transport

The warehouse system offers real-time visibility, inventory optimization, and flawless order fulfillment, empowering your supply chain. Shared and digitalized warehousing systems elevate our customer's supply chain, transforming their storage into strategy!

  • Provide traditional logistics warehousing services
  • And also cater to cross-border e-commerce consolidation
  • Elevate customer's supply chain,transforming storage into strategy

We prioritizes efficiency and cost-effectiveness, offering solutions that go beyond traditional services. We provide real-time visibility and control over every stage of the supply chain, ensure you to focus on the core aspects of your business, promoting growth and expansion.

  • Maximize the potential of your logistics contracts
  • From meticulous research on initial orders to the precise execution of last-mile deliveries
  • Ensure the complete fulfillment of all your contractual commitment

Int'l documents, confidential files, high-tech laboratory samples, medicine,auto parts,valuable and time-critical goods, or even a cross-border gift for your favorite girl.

  • Hold Hong Kong passports, can fly visa-free to over 160 countries
  • Our international OBC team has over 10 years of practical experience
  • Ready to depart at any time with valid certifications

High-quality products from abroad entering the Chinese market, or Chinese brands going globally, then enhance the international brand of your products and increase exports. Choose the exhibition logistics services of NCL Logistics to achieve this.

  • Experienced team assist you in preparing the ATA documents or declarations
  • Plan reasonable transportation routes and shipping lines
  • Coordinate the delivery of goods to the reserved exhibition stands

Int'l immigration, go abroad for studies, or relocating to another country after several years of working overseas, international relocation accompanies you every step of the way. With years of accumulated transport experience, we takes your belongings on a door-to-door int'l relocation journey. Choosing professionalism means you don't have to worry about your goods.

  • Years of accumulated transport experience
  • Professionalism means you don't have to worry about your goods
  • Personalized transport for each case, ensuringyour belongings are safely delivered

Fast Worldwide Delivery

Swift global shipping for timely deliveries, ensuring your goods reach destinations promptly and efficiently.

Safe & Secure Service

Guaranteed safety and security throughout our service, providing peace of mind for your valuable shipments.

24/7 Customer Support

Always available customer assistance, ensuring your queries are addressed and needs met around the clock.


NCL Logistics offers a comprehensive "One-stop logistics service" streamlining your supply chain needs with efficiency and expertise. Our integrated solution covers the entire logistics spectrum, including efficient cargo collection, secure transportation, and timely delivery.

With NCL Logistics, experience the convenience of a single point of contact for all your logistics requirements, allowing you to focus on your core business while we manage the intricacies of transportation and delivery. Explore the efficiency of our one-stop logistics service, where your cargo's journey is our top priority.


Collect from Shipper

Efficient pickup from the shipper's location, ensuring seamless cargo collection for swift transit.

Safe & Secure Transport

Ensuring the safety and security of your cargo throughout the entire transportation process.

Handover to Receiver

Timely and secure delivery, guaranteeing a smooth handover to the designated receiver or destination.