New Energy

In the new era, new energy logistics is leading the future of green transportation. We are industry leaders, committed to providing you with sustainable, efficient, and environmentally friendly logistics solutions.

Founded on innovative technology, we have built an intelligent and energy-efficient logistics network. From lithium batteries to new energy vehicles, we work hand in hand with you to shape a new benchmark for logistics in the clean energy era.

Choosing new energy logistics is choosing a greener future. We are not only promoters of transportation but also guardians of the environment. Join us in creating a better tomorrow, letting the light of new energy illuminate every segment of the logistics journey.

Our Services







  • Multimodal transport and overseas logistics solutions allow you to connect your production sites quickly and effectively and ensure the distribution of your products throughout the world.
  • Consolidating your single or multiple procurement flows: multi-country and multi-supplier.
  • Quality control to ensure your supply chain is reliable: supplier factory audits, production monitoring verification of goods before loading, laboratory tests, obtaining standards.
  • Logistics services: reception, cross-docking, consolidation/de-consolidation, warehousing, palletizing, container loading.
  • Order picking: piece picking, sorting by reference, multi-reference packages, conditioning, labelling.
  • Provision of tools and monitoring dashboards for full traceability of your shipments. In-depth knowledge of the regulations affecting your products according to country.
  • Air freight charter flights.
  • Specific maritime transport to all destinations, for all goods, industrial projects.
  • Multi-party operations, known as “triangular” operations: implementing all the necessary operations and procedures: taxation, customs, documentary, transportation and logistics aspects.