JC Trans- Shenzhen Member Club

On Nov. 30th, the scheduled JC Trans Shenzhen Club Conference, hosted by the globally renowned freight forwardingnetworks, JC Trans, took place at the Nanhua Hotel. Jerry Chan, the Air Freight GM of NCL Logistics, was invited to attend the conference.

14 leading enterprises representing the development direction and trends of Shenzhen's int'l logistics participated, sharing insights into the current int'l trade and logistics landscape. Each company showcased its advantages in routes and space positions, actively  suggestions for the positive development of Shenzhen club and promoting complementary interactions among members.

The participating companies represented various sectors, including China-Russia land transport, Southeast Asia air freight, Africa sea freight, U.S. D.G sea freight, Middle East sea freight, India air freight, Hong Kong air freight, Indonesia cross-border e-commerce logistics, European air freight, and Iran air-sea transport. As an "Air Charter Expert," NCL expressed views on considerations for air charter during the current peak season.